How to Build a Calculation App from Excel

Convert an Excel spreadsheet into a calculation app with many features and design elements using the Airrange drag and drop app builder

Start a calculation app

  • To start a calculation app, open an Excel workbook in Airrange. 
  • Click on the box Calculation apps
  • Select "create new"

You are now in the calculation app builder and all elements of your Excel workbook are linked.

Edit and preview your app

To edit your app, click on the edit icon in the Airrange header. You will then see all modules listed on the right side. The edit icon changes into a play button. To preview your app click on the play button and run your app.  

Design your calculation app

Add all feature and design modules by clicking on the + sign next to the module. You can add:

  • Rich text modules
  • Charts
  • Input fields or number sliders
  • Results (formula fields)
  • Tables 
  • Checkboxes
  • Multiple choice fields
  • Text input fields
  • Dates
  • Image
  • Action buttons

Organize elements in columns

To organize elements in columns add a two-/three- or four-column row module and drag the elements into the row fields. Repeat for the next lines or automatically go back to one column design.

Connect cells or charts to modules

Select the module in the dropzone or hoover mouseover. You will see an edit icon in blue. Click on it. On the left side, a dialog opens. It lists all charts in your Excel workbook, select the required one and it is added to your app. To link a cell value, input value, or formula result, add your cell reference or select "select cell" and drill down to your cell from a worksheet.  

For a slider, you can also add a minimum and maximum value or the number format.

Action buttons and workflows

An action button either opens a link on click or sends values to an endpoint URL to integrate your app with other systems or workflows. The button can be designed with individual copy text and background color or background images.  

Share your apps

To share your app, click on the share button on the right side of the Airrange header.