How do I find my Excel files on my OneDrive or Sharepoint?

Started with Airrange, and can't see any Excel files or can't find the file you are looking for

Airrange reads files in your personal OneDrive automatically. On demand, it indicates files in subfolders or in SharePoint Online. Click on the search icon and search for a name element.

If you cannot see any Excel files or in case Excel files are missing, these are probably the reasons:

  1. Permission outstanding: When you work with Airrange for the first time the system needs your permission to scan your OneDrive or SharePoint online for Excel files. If this permission is not granted there won't be any Excel files listed. 
  2. Files in subfolders or on SharePoint online: Or you can see some files, but miss the ones you need? Then go the search tab and search for your file with a keyword. It will then be displayed. Best, add it to favorites with the three dot menu next to the file name. It is then readily available anytime you need it.
  3. You don't work with OneDrive or SharePoint online: A third option, in case your files are not hosted in OneDrive or SharePoint is to add it to your OneDrive via Airrange with the Upload tab. Please note: Airrange does not save your Excel files. They will only be accessed and displayed and remain in your OneDrive or SharePoint Online environment.