What is a "Named Range" in Excel?

Learn how to create a named range in your Excel workbook with Airrange and share it.

A named range in Excel is an area of cells that has been given a name. It can be used to make formulas easier. In Airrange, these named ranges can be shared as a fully working entity without the need to share the entire Excel workbook.  

How to create a named range in Airrange?

  1. Open your Excel workbook in Airrange. 
  2. Select the worksheet with the cell area you want. 
  3. Highlight the cell area and click on "Create named range in the header menu"
  4. Name it and done. 

Return to your Excel workbook page in Airrange by clicking on workbook. You will now see your "Named range" listed in the card "Named range". 


How to share a named range in Airrange?

  1. Open your named range
  2. Click on the share icon in the header menu. 
  3. Select your tenant member 
  4. Select share by email or share by link
  5. Add a message, some infos and a deadline (option)
  6. Send and done.