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What are the requirements when using Airrange?

Read about legal and software requirements for the Airrange set-up.

Technical requirements depend on how you are using Airrange. If you are actively working with Excel files all your data remain safely in your Microsoft 365 account and will not be hosted elsewhere. 

Airrange for Excel owners or managers of Excel solutions 

You'll need:

  • Excel files in your OneDrive or SharePoint online
  • Microsoft 365 account
  • Smartphone, tablet or desktop
  • Online access
With access to Excel solutions you can set-up Excel data in a new way and share Excel data with your team more easily.  Here's what you can do:
  • Get an inventory of all Excel files.
  • Organize Excel and bring important data to the front for monitoring. 
  • Start data collecting workflows
  • Share Excel elements only and not the entire file
  • Add Kanban, pivot, calendar, checklist or grid views 
  • Track changes and activities
  • Create app interfaces with calculations and share them individually or publicly

Permission: The Airrange system needs three Microsoft 365 permissions granted. We will ask for these rights when it is necessary to fulfill a task in Airrange.  

  1. Read your M365 profile - This is necessary to signup and authenticate in Airrange. Will be needed during sign-up
  2. Access your OneDrive - This is necessary to display Excel file names and open Excel files - will be needed when you want to display and open Excel files.
  3. Read other M365 profiles - This is necessary if you want to share elements with other members of your tenant. Will be needed before sharing for the first time

Airrange for members of your tenant with invitation

You'll need:

  • Microsoft 365 account
  • online access
  • a smartphone, tablet or desktop

If you have been invited to view or edit an Excel element, a view created on top of Excel, a report or a guide, or a calculation app interface.  Here's what you can do:

  • Open, view and/or edit the shared element in email and web browser and submit your changes or comments.
  • Open, view and/or edit the shared element in Microsoft Teams and submit your changes or comments.
  • Open, view and/or edit the shared element in Airrange and submit your changes or comments.


When using Airrange on invitation, you will only need 

Airrange for public sharing by link

You'll need:

    • online access
    • a smartphone, tablet or desktop

You can create great views, reports, and app interfaces with Airrange. If your IT admin has consented for you to publish these elements outside your Microsoft tenant, you can share your views, apps, and more by link in any social media. Users don't need to log in or identify. However, you can password-protect your apps. Here's what users can do:

    • Use calculation app or view interactively
    • Share with others
Should you no longer wish the app or a view to be public, you can unpublish or unshare it.