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How do I share elements of my Excel workbook with my team?

Share workbooks, worksheets, charts, tables, named ranges or cells [granular sharing]

Granular sharing of Excel workbooks is a focus feature.

What is granular sharing? Granular sharing means sharing only what is relevant for a task. With Airrange, you can co-author entire workbooks, but you can also share only elements. 

With Airrange, you can share:

  • Excel worksheets 
  • Excel tables
  • Charts
  • Named ranges
  • Individual cells
And of course everything you built with Airrange: 
  • Views - Kanban, pivot, grid, calendar, checklist
  • Apps 
  • Guides or reports (we name them stories)

When sharing, you can add a description [rich text] to all these elements and choose between sharing by email, by Microsoft Teams, or by link.

How do I share Excel data with Airrange?

  • Open an Excel workbook or an Excel element in Airrange (like a chart element, a named range, a cell value, a table, a view, an app or a story).
  • Click on the share icon in the top right header to open the share dialog.
  • Select your sharing mode - read-only, write-back, or feedback/approval requested.
  • Add a description.
  • You can also add a deadline as an option.
  • Then select a co-worker from your Microsoft 365 tenant and
  • click on the Send button.
  • To share by link, copy the link next to the share button.

What happens after sharing?

The element and the Excel workbook remain connected. When data is changed, these changes are visible (and trackable) in the original workbook.

Here's what your co-worker will receive. When she or he starts editing, the submit button shows. If there are any questions, you can start chatting in the comment section

After pressing submit the data is saved in your Excel workbook. Before sharing, you can choose if information is saved directly or staged and only saved after your approval. 

Granular sharing is not only to provide easy-to-use information but also to update your original spreadsheet without risk of data inaccuracies. 

On your personal first page dashboard in Airrange, you can monitor which elements or workbooks you have shared or have been shared with you.

You can track all changes and know the status of all tasks set. The view below is available when clicking on the share icon on your front dashboard or on the workbook dashboard.