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How do I Sign-up to Airrange?

Find out how to authorize Airrange using your Microsoft 365 account

For the time being, Airrange is Microsoft 365 only. To sign up with Airrange you require a valid Microsoft 365 account.

  1. Click on the signup button 
  2. Sign into your Microsoft 365 account - (only in case your are not already working in your account)
  3. Grant permission to Microsoft to allow your Airrange account to identify you. Read more on the permission rights needed, depending on how you work with Airrange. 

How do you know if I am using Microsoft 365?

If you can login online, you are definitely on Microsoft 365. On Desktop you can check your account when opening word or Excel, click on file and select account/product information. This link to the Microsoft support explains in more detail. 

Why is authenticating with Microsoft 365 different from signup by email?

Authenticating with Microsoft 365 means your email address and identity have already been cleared with Microsoft. Therefore, there is no need for an extra permission consent by email. Airrange uses Microsoft authentication because it is extra safe and because we are using Microsoft 365 data.