What is the "Local Playground"?

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The "Local Playground" is a recently introduced feature in Airrange that enables users to create apps based on their locally saved Excel files. In the past, Airrange users were only able to create apps using files stored in their SharePoint or OneDrive accounts. However, with the introduction of the "Local Playground," users are now able to leverage Airrange's powerful app creation capabilities without needing to upload their files to a cloud-based storage platform.

This new feature provides users with a simple and straightforward way to explore the functionality of Airrange and experiment with app creation. By allowing users to work with their local Excel files, the "Local Playground" offers a level of convenience and accessibility that was previously unavailable.

To utilize the "Local Playground," users can simply select the option from within the Airrange app and follow the prompts to import their desired Excel file. From there, the intuitive interface allows for easy app creation, with customizable templates and a range of design options available. Once an app is created, users can share it with others or keep it private for personal use.

Overall, the "Local Playground" is an exciting addition to Airrange's suite of features, offering users increased flexibility and convenience in their app creation and sharing processes.

To see how it works, just watch this tutorial.